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Admission Eligible Age



  • Jr.KG    - 3 years and 8 months


  • Sr.KG  -  4 years and 8 months


  • Class I -  5 years and 8 months


Documents required for Admission


  • Emirates ID of student Original and copy (both side).


  • Passport photocopy of the student with valid visa.


  • Three (3) passport size photographs of the student.


  • Birth Certificate Original and Photocopy attested by the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh and Embassy of UAE in Bangladesh (Children born in Bangladesh). Original will be returned on the same day after checking.


  • Birth Certificate photocopies (Children born in UAE).

  • Transfer Certificate attested by the District Education Officer, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh and Embassy of UAE in Bangladesh.


  • Mark Sheet of the previous year of the student.


  • Father's passport photocopy with valid visa.


  • All documents must be submitted in both hard and soft copy.


  • All Students must submit their complete documents within 15 days of admission or else admission will be cancelled automatically.

How to Apply

    Students in Jr. KG, Sr. KG & CLASS I


    An interview will be held with the child for checking the following:


    1. JR.KG-No admission test. Only Age is important.


    1. SR.KG-Students must know Shapes, Colours, and alphabet & Numbers 1-50 (both in English & Bangla).


    1. Class 1- Students must know to read simple English & Bangla sentences, simple math word problems, Numbers 1-100, Addition- Subtraction, Communication skills, and behavior.


    1. Students from Class II - Class XII- Admission Test & Age appropriate.


    The parents should come personally to school and show interest to register his/her son/daughter at our School.


    • The student's Transfer Certificate and Mark sheet from the previous class must be submitted to the school.


    • All other documents are mentioned for admission.


    • All students from Class I to XII are required to learn Arabic as per UAE law.


    • All students from Class IV to IX are required to learn UAE Social Studies as per UAE law.


    Islamic Studies is a must for all Muslim Students

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